Type:           Temporary
Sector:        (none)
Salary:         JIB RATES +
Location:    Middlesex

1st Step Solutions Ltd are currently recruiting for a number of trades starting at London Heathrow with intakes throughout 2018  
All current positions are mechanical and electrical and will be a PAYE Contract of employment with a minimum pay rate of JIB Rates + Heathrow Enhancement. 
In order to work air-side 1st Step will need to complete security screening for you, this process includes : 
Evidence of Identity and Right to work - You will need to provide original current documents proving your right to work in the U.K. 
5 Year Reference History - You will need to be able to provide all employers and agencies you have worked for in the last five years, if you have had gaps in employment in excess of 28 days you will need to provide either evidence that you have claimed unemployment / disability benefit or a personal referee to confirm your status at this time. This can prove difficult for some that have had a number of engagements, so you need to be prepared to spend some time on this. However, If you have been self employed and have an accountant or solicitor who can confirm your work history for some or all of the last 5 years this can speed up the process a great deal. 
DBS - you will require a basic disclosure, which will detail any unspent convictions and you will need to make this available to us and Heathrow.  
GSAT - General Security Awareness Training - an online course that you'll need to undertake once we've completed all other checks, we'll tell you when the time is right to do this. 
Security Interview - During this process we need to meet you face to face to ask you some questions. this will be in London or in the Heathrow area.  
If you'd like to work with 1st Step at Heathrow please contact the recruitment team on OR call on 0207 846 7622 

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